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The Changing Same? Roundtable and Book Launch

Book Launch and Roundtable
Wednesday, 31 May 2023
18:00-19:30 BST
Speakers: Anjalie Dalal-Clayton, Paul Goodwin, Carolina Rito, Ian Sergeant, and Marlene Smith.

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‘The Role of Visual Arts Organisations in the British Black Arts Movement in the Midlands’ is a research network funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). Co-led by Carolina Rito (Coventry University) and Paul Goodwin (University of the Arts London), this project explored the institutional and curatorial strategies of the movement in the 1980s, and the institutional support in promoting and showing Black curators and artists then and today. The network it created also aimed to understand how the 1980s movement’s motivations can provide models for the sector today. With thanks to our panellists Anjalie Dalal-Clayton, Ian Sergeant and Marlene Smith.

Join us in reflecting on the project process through a roundtable with the project working group members, and in launching the project’s publication. The publication includes new insights about the process, and interviews with key researchers and practitioners in the field. It presents a series of recommendations and considerations for funders, cultural organisations and the HE sector, and feedback from the cultural partners.

For a year, the project involved a series of closed-door activities (workshops, meetings) with the partners organisations (New Art Exchange, Nottingham Contemporary (withdrew), Wolverhampton Gallery and the Herbert Museum and Art Gallery), and the working group (Marlene Smith, Ian Sergeant, Shaheen Merali and Sylvia Theuri).